"ZOMBEN, takes a light-hearted approach to the zombie genre and offers a little something for everyone."

"Cicero’s work is solid, creating entertaining and humorous images that will work for the intended younger audience."

"Mike and Abel managed to breathe new life into a genre that is completely over saturated. They made an interesting and unique zombie story, the likes which I have never read, and it ABSOLUTELY worked!"  

Geek Ireland 

"Zomben #1 to suggest that its creators might carve a successful and interesting niche in the market. If they can maintain the eccentric story-telling with an ominous nuance so neatly achieved in the first issue, then Zomben will give itself every chance of being a walker that stands out among the shambling horde"

"Artist Abel Cicero cartoonish approach to character design adds to the zaniness, with the characters emoting in almost slapstick fashion." 


"If you love Zombie stories but are tired of the same old brain eating storyline then you will definitely enjoy this book." 

"Cicero’s artwork is a bright and refreshing change of pace. It’s a different style than what is in most books out right now. He excels at capturing the expressions of all the characters in over exaggerated yet likeable way. He has also been able to communicate the tension that permeates the book. Every single character seems to be almost ready to break and it shows in their faces. The character’s skin seems stretched taut against their face and yet the children still seem to retain some semblance of innocence. There is a very smooth flow in panel layout and also of the positioning of the characters in the panels. He largely sticks to the golden ratio in each panel’s layout pleasing the reader’s eyes."


"I’ve seen humans pretend to be zombies, but I haven’t seen all too many zombies pretend to be human. This should be an interesting story, and if the first issue got your attention as much as it did mine, you’re going to want to keep up with this series! "

"Abel Cicero’s illustrations aren’t too realistic, which actually makes perfect sense for a story that isn’t so much so, either. The artwork has an animated quality about it that allows Cicero to make the characters as emotive as possible..."

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